from the raw material to the home's keys, from your dreams to reality
with GS, your new home's plan starts today.


A wood building to live better

Since 2003 we work in wood building constructions. A job that has become research, commitment, passion ... and the more we learned, the more the buildings planned by the companies we worked for seemed outweighed. This is why we decided to found GS srl, in order to offer excellence without compromise. The easiest way would have been to resell houses built by someone else, but it would not allow us to realize our idea of 'well living' characterized by beauty, comfort, technology and sustainability.

What drives us is a real and profound interest in architecture and construction that leads us to discover, experiment building systems that can improve the lives of the people who live theme. Over the years we have created homes able to satisfy everyone's needs by transforming dreams and ambitions into walls, rooms and places of life.

In GS srl we can now support families to realize a dream, guiding them with expertise and competence, without having to convince anyone to trust us because each of our customers can follow the production of their house step by step, simply by visiting our production seat.

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